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Many states forbid employers from making job decisions
based on employee's legal activities outside the workplace.

The decision of Wevco, a Michigan based health care company prohibiting workers from smoking, even off the job, and terminating employees who refused to comply in early 2005 became controversial and led to some
states incorporating provisions that forbid employers from discriminating against employees for smoking outside work.
The employer, for instance cannot refuse to hire, or fire employees because they smoke outside
of work, unless such smoking directly restricts work performance..

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What I like about it is that it dries clear, holds fast and remains flexible once
dry. In my experience it works on metal, leather and fabric equally well.
I will forewarn you, ignoring the noxious stench this stuff
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It's time again for Long Grove's annual Chocolate Festival.
The free, three day festival will feature demonstrations by pastry chefs and
chocolatiers, chocolate fountains, a fondue tent and countless treats.
Saturday and Sunday in Fountain Square. The Clinton campaign is
calling Edelman's letter "outrageous and dangerous".
And today Clinton took on Edelman's boss Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.
Forces from Iraq, or an explanation for the decision not to engage in such planning.

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